Compendial Water

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  • Troubleshooting 
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Axys Network supports you in all questions concerning the different technologies used for the production and distribution of compendial water: purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI) and pure steam.


Troubleshooting - Decontamination

  • Biofilm: Expertise & remediation
  • Requalification: IQ-OQ-PQ
  • Ionic, bacterial and particulate contamination
  • Disinfection of storage tanks and distribution loops
  • Rouging issues on stainless steel storage tanks
  • Repassivation
  • Water analysis
  • Audit
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Systems management

  • Definition of PI&D and dimensioning of the main equipment
  • Optimization of the sizing of equipment in the production and distribution networks (investment, operating and maintenance costs)
  • Use of known and reliable processes
  • Definition of user requirements specifications (URS)
  • Lay-out design
  • Compliance with regulatory data
  • Definition and management of operating modes in routine and degraded mode
  • Monitoring of commissioning with optimization of adjustments
  • Definition of preventive maintenance programs
  • Modifications to the production, storage and distribution loop installations
  • Validation of water systems

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