Automates-SCADA in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Our expert consultants to implement, manage and optimize your automation and control systems: a system / operator relationship that should allow him to:

  • Make the process more reliable
  • Remain in control of the process
  • Decide on the degree of automation
  • Maintain flexibility of action, in particular during the occurrence of unforeseen events

The conservation of the history of the process (audit trail) and their simple restitution for future analysis.

Our offer

  • Proven on dozens of chemical or pharmaceutical installations, this method has proven itself both in audits and in users: operators and production managers, quality managers
  • The specifications written in a clear form readable by the operator are also the execution document for the acceptance and qualification tests.
  • Consulting suppliers with this document allows:
    • to obtain offers that are both comparable and budget-bound
    • to know precisely what to do, => limit and clarify the change orders during the project execution phase
  • Limitation of the volume of documents to be produced for the reception, commissioning, qualification, life cycle of the project.

Support for the project phase
  • Assistance
    • Writing the functional analysis from the initiation of the project to allow a rapid budgetary and temporal assessment of +/- 10%
    • To the selection of the best supplier offer based on the rating from the functional analysis.
    • Definition of coding standards
    • Coding and design audits
    • Organization of commissioning, acceptance and qualification (test optimization)
    • At the supervision of the organization the documentation

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