Due Diligence

With the support of pharmaceutical experts

Due Diligence

We assist our clients in their pharmaceutical laboratory due diligence. Our scope covers the following areas:

  • Regulatory compliance: FDA, EMA, ICH, guidelines
  • Manufacturing due diligence: lay-out, processes,techniques,équipements
  • Economic efficiency: OEE, KPI's, waste rate, relevant ratios and benchmark
  • HR due diligence: organization in place and culture

  • We carry out notoriety studies of targeted laboratories at the level of their clientele

    Reputation surveys 

    Thanks to our vast network in the pharmaceutical industry, Axys-Network is able to carry out awareness studies of targeted laboratories at the level of their customers in a short time and with relevant information and data.

    Our services

    Our consultants come from the pharmaceutical industry and have proven experience to support your due diligence. We offer four modules:

    1. Regulatory Compliance 
      • Scope : FDA – EMA compliance
      • Tools : mock inspection audit
      • Délivrable : compliance report including risks-gaps-remediation to be implemented
    2. Technical & Production due diligence
      • Scope: Lay-out, technical processes, manufacturing flow, specific techniques
      • Tools: experts    Axys-Network , risk-based methodology, in-depth interviews, Gemba walks
      • Délivrable: assessment by experts in the field, risks, support for SWOT analysis
    3. Efficacité économique
      • Scope: OEE, waste rate, KPI, relevant ratios
      • Outils: benchmark, in-depth interviews, Gemba walks
      • Délivrable: report providing advice based on facts, risks, support SWOT analysis
    4. Due diligence RH
      • Scope: key people
      • Tools: in-depth interviews by experts
      • Délivrable: report, risks including potential loss of talent after agreement and associated recommendations for harmonious integration, support for SWOT analysis

    Other services 

    Take advantage of experienced experts and benefit from their experience

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