Industrial project evaluation and management

  • A preliminary assessment which will more precisely define the industrial dimensions of your Project with regard to your target objective. The choice and availability of the Technologies to be implemented, the Legal framework (access to Technologies), but also the Quality and Regulatory environments, will be appreciated.
  • A feasibility study which will give you the decision-making elements for the Industrial implementation of your Pharmaceutical Project. Axys-Network will be able to establish a Feasibility report on the Business, Legal, Technical and Regulatory, Human Resources, Economic (OPEX and CAPEX) components.

  • Preliminary Assessment of a Biotechnological Project (Design Phase):

Axys-Network has all the skills necessary to support its client during the preliminary assessment of a Pharmaceutical Production Project based on the active ingredient from Biotechnology

In this context, the following activities are offered:

→ Contribute to the definition of the Industrial Project with regard to the client's target objective
→ Choice and availability of Technologies to be implemented
→ 1st Assessment of the Legal (Access to Technologies) and Quality / Regulatory Environment

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies

Axys-Network can also carry out a Feasibility Study which will give the client the decision-making elements for the implementation of an Industrial Bio-Pharmaceutical Project.
Axys-Network can assess the Feasibility of the Project on the Business, Legal, Technical and Regulatory, Human Resources, Economic and Financial aspects
The following activities will be offered:

→ Inventory, at the client's, versus the different components
→ Market studies of potential products with regard to the client's objectives
→ Proposal and choice of Processes and Technologies to be implemented
→ Proposal for a Regulatory Strategy
→ Evaluation and Phasing of the investment budget: Design of the installation and evaluation of the main equipment necessary in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulatory requirements
→ Assessment of Human Resources and Skills necessary for the Execution of the Industrial Project and then for the conduct of subsequent Manufacturing Operations
→ Proposal of a Recruitment Plan taking into account the Resources and Skills already present at the client
→ At the end, establishment of a provisional Project Implementation Schedule.